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Ex-official says forced labour built Canada mine in Eritrea test case

...f the world’s poorest nations. Eritrea is ranked 182 of 187 nations on the U.N.’s Human Development Index. He said he has seen progress in Eritrea’s labour record during his visits, with foreign investment helping to create more stable jobs and critical infrastructure which should make Eritreans less likely to board overflowing boats for Europe. But the former site official and a former U.S. ambassador are not convinced that Nev... Read more

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No ‘real connection’ required to pursue foreign awards in Canada: SCC for that in the Supreme Court’s view, yet — but it very well may be. This is not the last we’ve seen of this case, and given the history of the case and the strong motivating factors on both sides, this may end up at the Supreme Court again.” Source: Canadian Lawyer, 4 September 2015,  ... Read more

Suspected war criminal convicted of U.S. citizenship fraud

...that was denied, he moved to Canada, where he acquired citizenship. Later, after marrying an American woman, he returned to the United States and gained U.S. citizenship but only after failing to disclose information about his military career in Guatemala. Source: Oakland Ross, Toronto Star, 1 October, 2013 Read more

Foreign workers suing Canadian companies for atrocities

...make a ruling. The Nevsun case is scheduled to begin hearings in January 2016, Fiorante said. The Hudbay trial is still pending. None of the allegations have been proven in court.   Source: Sherry Noik, Yahoo News, 8 July 2015, Read more
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